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Limb Tips
Limb Tips Jaguar instructions: Free Shipping to USA and Canada.

To increase life of limb tips add some silicone to the inside before installing.

Press the tips on as hard as you can to ensure that they are well seated on the limb.

Wear the safety glasses that were provided with the bow.

Keep tension on the string by pulling back on it with your hands while your foot is in the stirrup.

Now you can release the stringing aid by pulling the trigger with your thumb.

Remember to keep tension on the string by pulling back on it, while pulling the trigger. The instructions that come with the bow, don't tell you to pull back, so you will end up dry-firing the bow if you follow them.

Remove the stringing aid without prying on the tips.

It is very important to ensure that the limb is properly centered on the stock. The lines on the limb are a good place to start, but a ruler or measuring tape should be used to make sure that both sides are equal. If one side is longer, the limb tip will break on that side.

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*****  These are great   - Mike C (Nova Scotia)
Better than the original. Thanks

October 15, 2019
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