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Mk 150 Assembly

To install the scope you need to remove the open sight from the scope mount. You can remove it by unscrewing the elevation disc and taking the screw off the top. If you plan on using the open sight again, you should remove the mount from the bow, so that you can remove the elevation screw.

If you are planning on hunting with a scope you donít need the elevation screw and you can break it off. By breaking the elevation screw, you donít have to remove the mount to install the scope.

Install the stirrup with the screws provided.

The limb is held in place by two rubber pads, one steel plate and a plastic retainer. Click here for a picture.† (Some of the Cammo models do not have the white plastic retainer.† If it's not included with the bow, you have a model that does not require it.)

To increase life of limb tips add some silicone to the inside before installing.

Press the tips on as hard as you can to ensure that they are well seated on the limb.

Most archery shops have the proper equipment for string removal and installation, but some people use ratcheting straps or ropes to bend the limb while the string is installed. To avoid injury, I recommend having a professional install the string.

If you plan on using a rope or ratcheting straps, ensure that you pull back evenly on the limbs, so that one side does not break. Hook your strap or rope near the end of each side of the limb and place the center of the rope over the stock (This is where your shoulder rests when you are shooting). The top of the stock is able to take more force than the bottom, so try to keep the strap over the top.

Draw the limbs back far enough to install the string.

Loosen the screws on the side of the scope rings and slide the scope over the mount. Itís a tight fit, so moving the scope from side to side will make it easier.

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